For the illustration below, the client wanted a visual representation of how there API code worked. They weren't sure which direction they were looking for so I provided multiple options for them to pick from. This process starts with multiple sketches and then becomes final illustrations through Procreate and Adobe Illustrator.

After I had the individual pieces of the illustration complete, I compiled them all together to represent what they would look like inside marketing collateral and products!

Ramsey+ Illustration Guidelines

A common problem we found ourselves running into at Ramsey was the misuse of illustration. In order to combat this I began working on an illustration library that our team could use for key art and spot illustrations. This was set up as a figma variant in order to easily toggle between appropriate styles.

A few of my favorite's

If you've made it to this section of my site, it's no secret I love illustration! Below are some of my favorite illustrations I have done over the past few years.