Maple Ridge Events

Maple Ridge Events, A Hosts Global Member leads Nashville’s event & meeting industry as an experienced, innovative destination management company (DMC). Their award-winning team creates immersive, one-of-a-kind experiences for your guests and attendees.  Their full-service DMC portfolio includes meeting planning, special events, transportation, team building, entertainment, tours, product launches, corporate events and incentive trips.

Print Design
Event Marketing
Custom Branding
Environment Design

2019 NFL Draft

In 2019, the NFL draft came to our city, Nashville, TN. In an effort to gain the attention of the hundreds of companies and live event players in attendance, we created a marketing push to bring attention to Maple Ridge Events. This consisted of custom branded merch such as inflatable footballs, see-through bags, stickers, and various items. 

Proposal marketing

A big portion of my duties while at Maple Ridge Events consisted of marketing to potential clients. Several methods were used in these efforts such as custom Nashville themed swag, rendered examples of potential events, branded experiences, and much more. 

Event design 

At Maple Ridge Events we prided ourselves in delivering top notch experiences for our clients. This included creating fully custom branded events. Wall clings, banners, projections, gobo’s, and so much more helped contribute to the magic we created for our clients.